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The transmitter coating is dielectrically applied to quartz glass windows or plates. The transmitter coating shows an optimal transmission in the UV range while the radiation is reduced in the longer wave range. In this way, the efficiency of UV reflector units can be improved.

A single transmitter is usually sufficient for most applications. Multiple filtering for maximum suppression of VIS and IR radiation amplifies this effect.

The UV-transmitter quartz glass plates are positioned between UV lamp and substrate in order to reduce the IR proportion of the radiation source.


Spectral transmission:
Tavg. > 85% 220 - 440 nm
Tabs. 45% 580 nm
Tavg. 85% 600 - 2500 nm
Heat resistance:
up to 400 °C

Dimensions: on request
Substrate material: quartz glass

Technical data:
Spectral specification, AOI = 0°
Values measured on planar substrate, 1 mm thick.

Contact us and let us know your requirements and the mechanical dimensions. We would be very pleased to make a tailor-made quotation for you.

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